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ADD/ADHD Evaluation

Steps for getting an ADD/ADHD Evaluation 

  1. Find out if your insurance carrier covers this and if they require a referral from your family physician (Try calling the number on the reverse side of your insurance card, which is usually for questions regarding mental health benefits.)

2.   If you do need a referral, then schedule an appointment with your family physician first.

            Note: Some “key words” for your physician to use when he/she writes a referral are: “Having academic challenges with college” and “Needs a psycho-educational evaluation.”

  1. Your insurance carrier may give you with a list of their approved providers. If  they don’t, then you are free to choose your own provider.  However, you will be entirely responsible for the cost.

Your family physician may be able to give you the names of people or agencies that provide this type of service.

You can also contact your local high school guidance department, or your county’s community college (the counseling or academic advisement office) for a list of  sources.

  1. If /when you receive any official diagnosis, be sure to make an appointment to register with The College of New Jersey’s Accessibility Resource Center (ARC).   You may be entitled to some types of academic accommodation.  However, you must complete your affiliation with ARC (which includes submitting the Affiliation Form, submitting the medical/clinical documentation, and providing copies of any past accommodations in high school or other colleges).


Accessibility Resource Center

130 Roscoe West

Phone: 609-771-3199      Fax: 609-637-5121


Meghan L. Sellet, M.Ed., CRC
Director, Accessibility Support Center

Lynn Ann Cornell –  Program Assistant

Please visit the website of

Accessibility Resource Center

for lots more information and other types of resources

ARC Offers Remote Proctoring Click Here