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A Mini Toolkit for Diversity and Inclusion

ARC’s mini toolkit is a set of materials, including an interactive activity, that can be used by departments across and/or student organizations to start and/or continue the conversation around accessibility, accommodations and disability.  If you would like an ARC representative or ambassador to present to your department, organization, or at event, please contact Meghan @

 Presentation:  Disability 101

This presentation provides an introduction and orientation to the Accessibility Resource Center and the breadth of the work that it does. (Powerpoint or PDF)


Thinking About Disability: Mini Activity Guide

Below are some ideas for activities that can be paired with the ARC’s Disability 101 presentation for an engaging discussion on access and accommodations.  This is not an exhaustive list of activities. If you have other ideas for activities that promote accessibility and/or disability education, please don’t hesitate to reach out to ARC for a conversation and consultation about activity implementation, if needed.

Activity 1: Explore the question, “What does ableism mean to you?”  In thinking about other isms, many may come to mind: racism, classism, etc., but ableism and topics related to disability are often left out of the conversation.

Activity 2:  Pitch Perfect: This activity is best done in groups.  Take any ordinary object, (soup can, sheet of paper, piece of Velcro, etc.) and work in a group to come up with a commercial pitch for a different use of the ordinary object than is intended.  Each group then presents their commercial. The purpose of this activity is to emphasize that, just as the groups thought creatively about their commercials, it is essential to think creatively when it comes to access, accommodations and disability. One size does not fit all.  Everyone come different backgrounds and perspectives. Lived experiences are also unique to each of us.

Activity 3:  Accessibility Scavenger Hunt:  This is a fun event for getting out and about on campus. A group leader(s) will identify accessibility features that participants should find during this activity (automatic door opener, braille signage, an accessible parking space, etc.).  We often travel the same paths daily on autopilot.  This activity gets participants thinking about the intersection of ability and environments in a practical way.


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