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Alternate Text

For students who require alternate text format, please follow the below procedures:

Check with each faculty member for textbook information as early as possible following course selection.

Sometimes the book details are posted on SOCS and/or on the TCNJ Bookstore website.

One of the reasons for priority registration through Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) is to allow students more time to obtain their books in alternate format.

If you cannot reach the faculty member for the book information the department secretary may be helpful.

For students seeking alternate format books, first check with  Learning Ally ( or for availability.  Students with vision disabilities can also seek support from the National Clearing House for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

If there is an earlier edition available, it may be wise to get it just in case the newest version is not readily available.

With some books, a direct request from the publisher for digital format can be made electronically. Sometimes faculty may be of assistance in communicating with publishers as they work directly with individual publishers when ordering the textbooks. If ARC is required to verify the student’s disability status, be sure to send ARC the link to the publisher’s form for processing and the information on the purchase of the book including cost and where it was purchased. The publisher also requires verification of the purchase of the textbook. If the above resources do not have the books available, then the Alt Format Production Center through Adaptive Technology at TCNJ may assist with access.


Below is a blurb from the site including the process and the large print details.

New Jersey college students who would like to take part in the AltFormat program must:

Identify yourself to TCNJ’s Accessibility Resource Center (ARC).
Provide the required documentation to the ARC office to document your print disability.

…..The student will complete a Student Lending Agreement and mail/email/fax/drop off the completed form to the Adaptive Technology Center.

The staff of the Adaptive Technology Center will work with ARC and the student to determine the appropriate alternative format.

…The student will provide a copy of the book/material to be scanned to the Adaptive Technology Center.

The cover and binding will be removed from the book in order to be sent through the high speed scanner.
The book must be in in excellent condition as determined by the following description: Undamaged cover, dust jacket included for hard covers, no missing pages, all pages undamaged (no creases or tears), only one color highlighting of text, no damage to binding, no writing in margins.

The student will receive a username and password to access
The student will log into and download the file type he or she requested.
Books, if requested, will be comb bound and returned to the student.

Large Print – We can create a document with the font size you request ensuring that all fonts stay within the minimum and maximum size you prefer.  We can use the styles and colors you prefer or retain the current documents colors.  Remove or add blank lines to the document, remove the left indent, and fit images appropriately to the document.  Page numbering will be consistent with that of the original document.


Be sure to connect with your faculty for next semester in person now, if preferred, or by email so you can discuss with them in advance any course access. Sometimes faculty are not available during the break.

Deadline for New Students: June 15th to submit ARC Housing Accommodation Request Click Here