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Sample Email

Here is an example email from a student who wrote to their professor about their accommodations and disability. Keep in mind that it is the student’s decision to disclose any information about their disability, and that doing so is not required.

Sample Email

Good Afternoon Professor _________,

My name is ____________ , and I’ll be in your ___________ class this upcoming semester.  I was just writing to give you a heads up about my disability and the accommodations I require. I was born with a bilateral hearing loss and was diagnosed with Usher’s syndrome at the age of 17. Usher’s syndrome is the combination of a bilateral hearing loss and Retinitis Pigmentosa (night-blindness and peripheral vision loss).

Each class I will sit front and center in order to be able to both hear and see better. I would also request that when you speak you look at me as much as possible, since I rely on lip reading. Since I have trouble hearing and occasionally will miss what you are saying, I will have a note taker in class. If it’s possible, I would prefer to have copies of your personal lecture notes, as well, to ensure I did not miss anything. The last accommodation I require is extended time on tests, which we can work out when we meet.

On the first day of classes I will present you with my accommodation letter and hope we will be able to discuss the letter and any other questions or concerns we may have.

In order to prepare for class, I was also wondering if you could give me the ISBN numbers for the books we will be using this semester and the class syllabus. This would be greatly appreciated, as I hope to do the best that I can in your class.

Thank you for your time!

I hope to hear from you soon!




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