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Our Mission

Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) collaborates with students, faculty, staff and guests to advance access within the campus community and to further extend both the mission of The College of New Jersey and the mission of the Division of Inclusive Excellence to persons with disabilities. As part of this effort, ARC promotes an awareness of disability as a facet of diversity with underpinnings of collaborative efforts being rooted in social justice.


Student Spotlight:

Jaclyn Perlman ’21

Jonathan Zobek ’20

Welcome to our New Transfers and to the Class of 2026!

Requesting Accommodations for the First Time for the Fall of 2022 semester:

If you have disabilities, learning differences or access barriers, this is the place to address your questions and concerns.  Please note that we are now processing requests for accommodations for the Fall 2022 semester. (If you have already registered with our department, you do not need to re-register each semester).

For Accommodations STARTING in the Fall 2022 semester:  Click HERE to start the affiliation process.  Accommodations are most effective if begun at the start of the semester, so start the ball rolling ASAP!  Accommodation memos may not be guaranteed after mid-semester.  After mid-semester, we will still review your information, and will advise as to what might still be possible, based on the timing and your specific situation.

Faculty/Staff:  If you need ARC services, please use this affiliation form.

Lion Plus Program

The Lion Plus Program at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) is a fee-based holistic student support program for students with documented disabilities who have affiliated with ARC. The scope of Lion Plus Program services extends beyond legally mandated (ADA) accommodations, which remain free-of-charge, and are a critical component of equitable educational access. For freshmen, the purpose of the Lion Plus Program is to assist with all aspects of transitioning from the high school environment to the TCNJ community, with campus connectedness as a focal point. For upper class students (sophomores, juniors and seniors), the Lion Plus Program is centered on retention, continued integration and academic and interpersonal independence.  Here is a video describing the Lion Plus Program in more detail.

The Lion Plus Program reaches capacity quickly at the beginning of each semester. If you want to consider the program, please contact Dixita Malatesta, Learning Specialist, Accessibility Resource Center, at


Scheduling a meeting — for virtual or in-person meetings:

Please see our ARC appointment policies for scheduling meetings. We do want to connect with you, but an appointment is needed.

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For First Time Accommodations at TCNJ starting in the Fall of 2022 -- Get Started here on May 15th