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Upcoming Events/Important Dates

  • Any students who require housing accommodations must follow all standard housing procedures in addition to communicating directly with Disability Support Services (DSS).
  • For those seeking employment, take a look at, they have some new employers listed, who are disability inclusive.
  • Be aware of all upcoming school deadlines found on TCNJ’s calendar
  • For all NEW/ POTENTIAL students, please refer to this link for helpful and additional information.
  • Looking for a TCNJ sponsored certificate program instead of the traditional college degree program? Check out the Career & Community Studies (CCS) program.
  • If you are seeking an evaluation for a potential learning disability in order to recieve accommodations, please check out the following links.

Learning Disability Evaluation Information     ADD/HD Evaluation

Please be advised that this website is a continuous work in progress and that changes will be made daily. Feel free to email with any additions you would like us to make or any questions you may have. Thank You!

Last updated: September 1, 2011

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