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This page is for all students, either potential or accepted, who are interested in the Accessibility Resource Center (ARC).

Accepted Students

If you have already been accepted or are currently attending TCNJ, this page will help determine if you could be a potential student registered with our office, or can simply educate you on how ARC works.

Included on this page is general information about the office, eligibility to register, how to register, proper documentation needed, appointment scheduling, possible accommodations, resources, links, and scholarships that are applicable to students registered through our office.

Why register with our office?

Privacy: A huge concern with many students, and often a deterrent, is the fear of other students finding out about their disabilities. Through our office, we do our best to make sure that the only information made available to the public is that which they decide to disclose. “Letters” provided to affiliated students only state that they are registered with ARC and list the accommodations necessary. It is up to the student to determine whether they would like to further inform professors, CA’s, peers, etc. about their disabilities.

Potential Students

For students contemplating whether or not to come to TCNJ, you should know that Accessibility Resource Center does not play a role in determining a student’s acceptance.


Small Classes

The average class size at TCNJ is 21. Hence, students with disabilities have the ability to become closer with professors and not become lost in the crowd. At the beginning of each semester it is recommended that students registered with our office meet with professors to discuss any accommodations they might need.

Smaller Campus:

The perks of coming to a smaller school are unlimited. For students with physical disabilities, TCNJ is the perfect place due to easy access to buildings,  short travel, and convenient locations of residence halls, cafeterias, library, etc.

Dedicated Staff:

TCNJ’s Accessibility Resource Center works tirelessly to ensure student’s registered with our office receive all the necessary accommodations and feel comfortable in the TCNJ community.


Campus police make their presence known by providing many resources and services to all students. TCNJ police do both bike and foot patrols, have blue lights set up throughout campus for emergencies, ensure proper lighting on all paths, alert students of all crimes, have escort programs, and enforce all traffic regulations.  Therefore students with disabilities should feel safe and secure on our campus at all times.

Text Message Alerts

Safety Escorts

Emergency Blue Lights*

*Please be advised that although the map in the Emergency Blue Light link is not currently accessible to screen reading software, it is available to assist persons with their orientation and mobility support persons.


ARC Offers Remote Proctoring Click Here