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1. How do I get connected with Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) at The College of New Jersey?

To get connected with ARC, you should fill out the Accommodations Request form. In completing this form, you are notifying The College that you want to access reasonable accommodations as a TCNJ student. The affiliation form serves as a starting point for formulating an accommodation plan.  Click here for the form and its instructions.

2. Do I need to provide documentation of disability to receive reasonable accommodations at TCNJ?

Yes, we ask for documentation as part of the ARC request process. You can view documentation guidelines here. If you have questions about documentation, contact us.

3. I have never been evaluated on the basis of disability, but I have always noticed that I struggle with certain subject areas. Does ARC provide evaluations?

ARC does not provide disability-related evaluation. Check with your insurance carrier to see if this expense is covered and for a list of providers.

4. What happens after I submit my ARC affiliation form and my documentation?

After you submit your ARC affiliation form and documentation, this information will be reviewed by an Accessibility Specialist. After the review, you will be contacted about the next steps in the accommodation process. This usually involves a meeting between you and your Specialist to collaborate on and finalize accommodations for the upcoming semester. For more detail, see our Next Steps webpage.

5. I received accommodations in high school. Will these same accommodations be available to me as a TCNJ student?

Not necessarily, but many do remain generally the same. It is important to consider the differences between the K-12 educational environment and the college environment. An Accessibility Specialist will work with you (and your faculty) to develop an accommodation plan that provides collegiate-appropriate educational access.

6: How will my professors know that I am affiliated with ARC?

You will receive an “accommodation memo” at the beginning of each semester for distribution to your faculty.  As part of the process, it is expected that you will keep the lines of communication open with your faculty throughout the semester in regard to use of your accommodations.

7. If I have accommodations for testing, can I take my exams in the ARC offices?

Yes. However, our time and space are not infinite, particularly during mid-terms and final exams, when there is a high demand for assistance. There may be other proctoring options. You and your instructor should first agree together whether ARC or another proctoring option will be implemented, and then agree on a date and time for the proctoring within the posted availability of ARC proctoring. The scheduling process with ARC will be transitioning to a new system this fall; your instructor and ARC are your best sources for the specifics.

8. I am planning to live on campus. Does ARC work with students to secure housing accommodations?

Yes. If your disability impacts your on-campus living experience, ARC will collaborate with you and Residential Education to find housing that meets your needs through the process described in Question 1 — completing the Accommodation Request form for new students, or the Housing Accommodation Request form for returning students (contact us for specifics at 609-771-3199  and/or Please note:  Even when pursuing a housing accommodation request through ARC, you must also complete the on-campus housing application through Residential Education. Then our two offices work together to make the appropriate housing placement. Please note that housing accommodations are determined on a year-to-year basis, and must be applied for each cycle.

9. I have additional questions or concerns, who can I contact?

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact our office at (609) 771-3199 or by email at  And much information is available on the website at


Accessibility Resource Center (ARC)
Roscoe West Hall, Suite 202
The College of New Jersey
P.O. Box 7718
2000 Pennington Rd.
Ewing, NJ 08628


609.637.5082 FAX

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