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Accommodation Process

Welcome to Students who are new to ARC

To sign up for accommodations for the first time, please:

  1. Provide us with some background on your situation and needs through this  quick and easy online form.
  2. Upload a copy of previous accommodations — if any — (i.e., 504, IEP, or other documentation of accommodations provided at your previous school)
  3. Upload documentation from a licensed professional (doctor/therapist/counselor/etc.). This can take the form of a letter on their letterhead, or diagnostic materials (please no notes on prescription pads).  The documentation should contain:
    1. Diagnosis(ses)
    2. Reference to where/how these diagnoses cause issues in your access to education, housing, dining, etc.

If you don’t have your documentation or previous accommodations ready to upload now, you can do that later, but as soon as you can.  We’d appreciate hearing from you about the timeline for this so that we can plan accordingly.

You will now have a portal in our accommodations system, reachable at:  (please bookmark this url).

What happens next?

An accommodations specialist will be assigned to you permanently for consistency and ease of communication.  Your information will be reviewed and you will be contacted by the specialist to meet you, and resolve any  questions, refinements, suggestions, etc. that either of you have.  By the end of that meeting your final accommodations will be settled and a copy will be sent to you and to your faculty.

Please note:

  • The accommodations are not considered in effect UNTIL you and your instructors have met to work out the implementation of your accommodations.  Please do this quickly.
  • You are expected to keep your Specialist informed of your experiences as you move through each semester, so that any emerging concerns can be addressed while they are still easier to resolve.
  • Documentation (your 504/IEP and Doctor’s letter) does not need to be resubmitted while you are at TCNJ, unless a new diagnosis needs to be recognized.
  • A week before each semester, you need to take a step to trigger the accommodation for the coming term.  Please see Renewing Accommodations for the (simple) process.

For more details, please email or call 609-771-3199.

Monday, April 10th is the deadline for proctoring requests for finals