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Saturday Weather Closing

On Saturday, January 29, TCNJ’s campus will be closed due to weather. Scheduled on-campus events will not be held.

Alert Posted on January 28th, 2022 at 7:00 pm

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Accommodation Process

How Can Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) Help You?

Process for Obtaining Assistance:

If you have a disability that requires assistance or accommodations, it is recommended that you register (affiliate) with our office. Please note that you must have already accepted TCNJ as your school before beginning this process.

For students starting at TCNJ in the Fall of 2022, we are launching a new accommodations management system and will be ready to begin it with you as our starting class after May 15th and after you have provided your acceptance deposit  Please check back with us then!  We are excited to share this new process with you!

For current TCNJ students — if you have not already affiliated with ARC in the past, please connect with us NOW for accommodations in the spring of 2022.  After mid-February, the effectiveness of accommodations may be reduced or may not be available.

  1. Complete the ARC Affiliation form — please do this step first.  It’s a quick and easy google form.
  2. Complete the ARC Housing Accommodation Request form — but only if you have disability-related housing needs for the Spring 2022 semester.
  3. Email a copy of previous accommodations (504, IEP, etc.) to
  4. Email documentation — a short letter is fine — to from a licensed professional (doctor/therapist/counselor/etc.) containing:
    1. Diagnosis(ses)
    2. Identification of where these diagnosis cause issues in your access to education, housing, dining, etc.
  5. Expect us to acknowledge these pieces as they come in.

Please email the documentation (items 3 & 4) as PDFs attached to an email addressed to  Please do not send google docs or MS Word docs. You can do a SAVE AS to a PDF, or even take a screenshot of paper documentation and email it to us.  Call or email us if any problems; we will help you through it.

When we have your documentation and forms, we will review them and then contact you for a meeting.  At that meeting, you and your Specialist will discuss and then decide on the accommodations that will best support your for success and well-being.  For academic accommodations, you will then contact your faculty and share your accommodations with them, and discuss how to implement them, as the logistics may vary from class to class.  Ideally, this all happens before or very early in the semester, as the benefits of most accommodations are cumulative.  Accommodations received after the start of a semester are not retroactive to the beginning of the semester.

You are encouraged to keep your Specialist informed of your experience, so that any emerging concerns can be addressed immediately.

Documentation does not need to be resubmitted while you are at TCNJ, unless something has changed.  Housing Accommodation Request Forms DO have to be submitted each academic year.  This usually happens in late January for returning students and in May/early June for new students.

For more details, please email or call 609-771-3199.

Returning Students: Housing Accommodation Requests for Fall 2022 are now being accepted until Feb 13thClick Here!