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Spotlight on: Jonathan Zobek

Meet Jonathan Zobek

Why did you choose to study at TCNJ? 

 I chose to study at TCNJ for many reasons. First, the campus was not too big nor too small. It was easy to navigate, and I could easily walk anywhere. Secondly, class sizes were small. Having small classes where I got to know my professors and my professors got to know me was important. Finally, most people I met and interacted with were so nice. It was just overall a great atmosphere.

What was your major?

 My major was Communication Studies with a specialization in Interpersonal/Organizational Communication.

Name your most memorable TCNJ experience.

 I don’t have one specific memory, but my greatest college memories are all the time I spent hanging out with my friends. Friends are so important, and I know that I made friendships that will last a lifetime. Even to this day, we still meet up and hang out.

Now that you’ve graduated from TCNJ, what’s next?

Now that I have graduated TCNJ, graduate school is the next step. I was recently accepted to Salus University in Pennsylvania to pursue a Master’s Degree in Teaching Students and Youth with Visual Impairments.

What advice would you give to an incoming TCNJ student? 

My greatest advice to incoming TCNJ Students is to do as much as you can, and take advantage of any opportunities. When considering clubs, sign up for five or six, perhaps sign up for ones in new subjects. Then, you can find what you like. Even with classes, if you have the opportunity, expand out of the subjects that you are comfortable. Between new classes and clubs, perhaps you will find something new that you really enjoy. Also, take advantage of as many on-campus events as possible, even if it is something as simple as checking out what clubs are doing in the Stud or in Alumni Grove. You could find clubs that you did not know about before, and even make a new friend. In short: be adventurous Time is on your side. You only have the college experience once, and nobody ever regretted doing too much while in college. Try to do assignments early, and never put them off them until the last minute. This way, you will have downtime to do activities and hang out with friends without worry.


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