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For complete and detailed information about TCNJ’s compliance with FERPA laws please refer to the Student Privacy Rights for Students, Parents, and College Officials.

Key points to note:

  • In accordance with FERPA, the College will disclose to non auxiliary parties information from the education records of a student provided the College has on file written consent from the student. This form is used in incidents requiring singular limited authorization to release information only.
  • Additionally, in accordance with FERPA, the college will disclose, to parents or authorized auxiliary party, the education records of a student provided the College has on file consent from the student. You may provide that consent directly by creating an auxiliary access account in your parent’s or authorized auxiliary party’s name. By creating an auxiliary account you have authorized the College to allow your parents to view your education directory and non-directory (grades, class schedule, etc.) records. This authorization and access can be done through your PAWS student center by clicking auxiliary access on the personal information section.

For more detailed information visit the site mentioned above. Also, all forms are available on their website.

To view the exact FERPA policy visit the government website.

Monday, April 10th is the deadline for proctoring requests for finals